What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates invented this low-impact exercise method that can both strengthen and rejuvenate the body. Pilates strengthens the deep infrastructural muscles that impact joint integrity and resolves pain issues by correcting imbalanced muscle usage. Pilates also gives people deep core strength, tall lean posture, and flexibility at any age and at any physical ability.

What Can Pilates Do for Me?

Pilates will help you move efficiently, recover from your sport, sleep soundly, and much more. You’ll feel great when your body has the core strength and flexibility to enjoy your activities.

Who Will Benefit from Pilates

Young at HeartThe Young at Heart

Pilates will get you back to moving easily, like you did years ago. It also sharpens your mind as you move with new focus. Nurture your joints, get the strength and flexibility to golf, bike, walk, play with the grandkids or just wake up feeling ready to move!


Flexibility, core strength and injury prevention: things every athlete needs. Pilates is proven to provide these results. Help your body recover from those days you had to push yourself. Reveal and resolve your muscular imbalances. Mix that with the deepest core strength you’ve known and you’ll be training better and stronger.


Go deeper into your yoga with confidence. Pilates balances strength at the joint to stabilize your knees, hips, shoulders and spine in challenging poses and sequences.

Pilates also gives you the supple core strength needed to stretch your back without injury.


Moms love how Pilates soothes the back discomforts of pregnancy. Pilates also strengthens the lower back, legs and pelvic support needed for labor. Post pregnancy moms bounce back quickly and get the core, arm and upper back strength to avoid postural pain from nursing and carrying their new bundle of joy.

Injury RecoveryPeople Recovering from Injury

Pilates movement heals and strengthens as it re-patterns your movement habits that damage the joints and create pain. We focus on the deep muscles that support your body with balanced, muscular control. Pilates successfully restores backs, knees, hips, and shoulders. You’ll feel confident about moving again.

Desk WarriorsDesk Warriors

Strengthen those deep postural muscles that hours at the desk can take away.  Pilates releases tension, builds tall posture and strengthens your whole body. You’ll leave your sessions feeling refreshed and energized.

Happiness SeekersHappiness Seekers

When you feel great, you look great. Pilates will brighten your mornings as up you get up feeling strong, flexible and ready to go!

Flexibly ChallengedFlexibly Challenged Folks

You don’t have to stretch before Pilates because the springs make you flexible. That’s what’s great about Pilates. The equipment was made to support and stretch people at any physical capability.  Go ahead – Start here!

Benefits You Can Feel and See:

  • Strong core muscles
  • Long, lean muscle tone
  • Flexibility
  • Postural strength
  • Improved balance
  • Relief of pain in the tissues – back, neck, shoulders, IT band
  • Joint pain relief – knees, shoulders, hips, feet
  • Increased endurance for physical activities
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