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About Us

The Center Stream Experience

Why Center Stream?

Power resides in each of us. It flows with ease when it comes from a centered mind and balanced body. At Center Stream Pilates, we guide you to that powerful place. We don’t teach rote exercises, we put you on a path toward a resilient strength, a strength that restores your body and mind.

Our Space – Open

You’ll look forward to being here. Our instructors are friendly and welcoming and our studio is spacious, with lots of natural light. We offer the best equipment made by Balanced Body and Peak Pilates.

Our Teaching – Balanced in Strength and Ease

The classical Pilates method is at the heart of our work. We also integrate a contemporary approach, based in modern physical science, to provide safe and effective results. Our instructors are trained and certified through comprehensive Pilates programs that give us an extensive repertoire of exercises to create sessions and classes that are fun and effective. You’ll never get a boring routine here. You’ll leave your sessions feeling refreshed, renewed and centered in mind and body.

Our Mission – Pilates For Everyone

We want all people to feel great and love moving! When you are empowered to move with strength with ease, life becomes a pleasure.

We’re passionate about our personalized training in both our boutique classes and private sessions because no two of us are the same!

We’ll make Center Stream Pilates your happy place!

Meet Our Teachers!